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Live hands-on tech classes and camps

Affordable classes where kids learn coding and design by doing real projects, including making apps for nonprofits from home


Used in 80 of the top US private and charter schools

+ 76 more!

Traditional tech education leaves out the why

Our students become little managers for real projects building self-esteem and love for STEM

Ages 8-10
Ages 11-13
Ages 13-18

Cultivate collaboration skills, self esteem, and love for STEM

Students team up with 5 other kids building their own apps and working on a project for an inspiring non-profit!

Build leadership skills, study abilities and executive functioning

Students team up with an experienced coach to complete an entire app for a local nonprofit

Earn true STEM accomplishments and get ready for college!

Students select a non-profit to work on a project for, and learn advanced Javascript and HTML skills for college


Register your kid in the top tech and entrepreneurship program.


Students will learn to code in Javascript and HTML or get trained in modern Graphic Design. As part of a product team, they will improve their social skills and learn the nuances of the coding and design worlds. At a young age, they will begin to identify their skills and develop their resumes.

By working for a nonprofit or small business, your child will be able to measure their impact and realize their potential. With such soaring confidence, they will learn how to tackle real-world problems and survive effortlessly in an increasingly competitive world. 


There is more to being an entrepreneur than simply developing technical skills. Using those skills to bring about relevant change is what this world needs right now. At VineyardAppCamp, it is our mission to make sure your child knows the importance of using technology to better lives, so that they will grow up to be visionaries who strive to make the world a better place.


Over 50 Non-Profits Served