Online classes in coding and digital design. Build your first app or design your first ad for a nonprofit, before you're old enough to drive.

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Why VAC?

Tech entrepreneurship empowers 21st-century students

  • Entrepreneurship

More than ever before, students are in need of entrepreneurial training to pursue their passions, control their own destinies, and be advocates for life-changing initiatives. These days, even very young individuals have the potential to change lives and communities. Conversely, even a great education doesn't assure a student of maintaining the lifestyle their parents have. Harnessing a young person's full potential requires proper coaching on entrepreneurial and design thinking, whether it's properly understanding user needs or brainstorming various marketing strategies. This, coupled with a technical background, provides students with the skills they need to make a meaningful impact on the world and their own futures

  • Real Impact

Through our program, students will walk away with an exciting app or marketing collateral for a non-profit. In addition to building their confidence, they are also building their resume and measuring their impact at an early age. This confidence to tackle real problems is crucial to developing the next-generation of movers and shakers.

Students' Testimonials

See our 5th-grade students build an app for a non-profit CEO

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