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Coding and Digital Design classes online. Let your kid build an app and design ads even before they’re old enough to drive. 


The only place where your kid will learn to code and develop graphic design skills while generating a social impact. 

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Our patented, app-dev platform connects kids with nonprofits!
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Why VAC?

Tech entrepreneurship empowers 21st-century students

  • Entrepreneurship

To start building on their dreams, children need training on entrepreneurial and design thinking while developing technical skills, and we at VAC have got you covered. 
Your kid’s creativity and imaginative skills are as high as they can get during the time they’re in school. Young minds have taken charge of shaping the world, and your kid deserves the best entrepreneurial learning they can get because every child has the potential to change the world.
Mostly we see this potential going untapped due to a lack of proper coaching, whether it’s on learning how to code, identifying user needs, or developing marketing strategies. We ensure in-depth training and development of young minds so they can start working towards the change the future needs.

  • Growth

We want kids to learn to design and build their own mobile apps and web apps. Through our app, students will learn to code in languages like Javascript and HTML and get trained on marketing collateral for non-profits. By being a part of our product team, they will improve their social skills and learn the nuances of the coding and design world. At a young age, they will learn to identify their skills and develop their resume. 
Your kid will measure their impact upon this world and realize their potential. With such soaring confidence, they will learn how to tackle real-world problems and survive effortlessly in an increasingly competitive world.