How We Teach

Hear from Miguel, a high schooler who took our class, about his VAC experience and why it's different from other coding courses he's taken.

During our programs, students learn to design and coding principles while building and launching their own marketing campaigns and apps under the guidance of experienced teachers. This is different from other programs in that students don’t just learn how to design or code, but they immediately see the impact they’re making, sparking an interest in technology and entrepreneurship. 


Our curriculum achieves transformational outcomes. Our curriculum is based around the principle that every session, students experience a personal growth moment by completing something entrepreneurial that they can show off to others in their lives. This helps them fall in love with entrepreneurship and feel empowered.

The curriculum we teach in all of our program formats is the same. All classes have a low student teacher ratio. 







In the Design Course students will:
  • Learn basics of composition, typography, color, etc and how it impacts design collateral

  • Use Canva to build design-centered assets for non-profits and Facebook Ads to run marketing campaigns

  • Click here to watch our video on the course

In the App Course students will:
  • Learn basics of HTML, mobile app structure, database and React Native

  • Use Javascript and programming logic to build an interactive iOS app from start to finish

  • Practice prototyping and design thinking principles with engaging activities

  • Click here to watch our video on the course!

 At Vineyard, we care about how we teach just as much as what we’re teaching. We take time to choose instructors who are engaging, experienced, and fun. Instructors constantly challenge students’ think, and the small group environment lends to students learning from each other in addition to the instructor. Students immediately put into practice the information they learn with activities and exercises, cementing students’ knowledge of the material.  Not only that: our class curriculums are version controlled so that teachers are able to submit curriculum improvements after every class.


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Meet The Team

Our team consists of former/current managers at large tech firms and successful startups, all graduates from top universities. Every one of our instructors were chosen based on three key criteria: their passion for education, their technical know-how, and their mentorship experience. We take into account the needs of our students holistically, and we aren’t satisfied until we see that our students have successfully established their own enduring relationship with tech and entrepreneurship.

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