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Hands-on tech and design entrepreneurship classes for kids

 *Build a real iOS app*     *Do a real project for a local non-profit*

*Empower your kids with the skills of a coder and the mindset of an entrepreneur*

After-School & Summer

(in-person / remote / hybrid) 

Fall Enrichment & Summer Programs

10-week Program

  • 10 weeks, 10 hours total

    1 hour/day, 1 day/week

  • No coding experience required​

  • Age 10-17

  • $399

*We also offer one-on-one private tutoring


Tech entrepreneurship empowers 21st century students


More than ever before, students are in need of entrepreneurial training to pursue their passions, control their own destinies, and be advocates for life-changing initiatives. These days, even very young individuals have the potential to change lives and communities. Conversely, even a great education doesn't assure a student of maintaining the lifestyle their parents have. Harnessing a young person's full potential requires proper coaching on entrepreneurial and design thinking, whether it's properly understanding user needs or brainstorming various marketing strategies. This, coupled with a technical background, provides students with the skills they need to make a meaningful impact on the world and their own futures.


College Admissions

Through our program, students will walk away with an exciting app of their own creation. In addition to building their confidence, it also looks great for admissions. Colleges these days increasingly look beyond SATs, grades, and essays when they make admissions decisions. Admissions officers want to see that a student has a “passion project” — a long term endeavor that proves a student can take initiative, follow-through on passion projects, and achieve their goals.

Student Testimonials

See our 5th grade students build an app for a startup CEO

“My favorite part of this program was getting to work with Ms. Jackie and Mr. Taylor [his instructors], and getting to finish my app… Miss Jackie, she was more like my mentor than one of those bosses”


-Michael, 7th grade

“I learned at VAC that you can use your imagination and put it into real life to create more things in life to help people out"

-Bryant, 7th grade

“It's kind of cool seeing the growth and how on the first day we didn't know how to really do anything - we didn't really know how to code, we didn't really know what our app would look like. Then fast forward to today where our app is almost done. Our transformation was super cool to see and feel”

-Kenny, 7th grade

“I think McKenzie before the camp just knew coding, but she thought it would be a little hard and stuff like that. And then Mackenzie after the course knows like, oh, well, it's not that hard. It's fun. It's enjoyable”

-McKenzie, 6th grade

Student App Showcase

Click to see what some students have built at VAC!



Developer: Hayden, 10th grade Description: Helps users find the perfect movie to watch tonight. Swipe to see new movies based off your selection.



Developer: Kenny, 7th Grade Description: A digital menu for the food insecure in NYC - everyone deserves to equate food with love!



Developer: Elliot, 7th grade Description: Simple, basketball themed scheduling application for middle and high school teams who love the sport

Slippery Tier List

Slippery Tier List

Developer: Luke, 10th grade Description: Provides users with a comprehensive guide to the hottest Fortnite weapons.



Developer: McKenzie, 6th grade Description: App that helps owners find their lost pets. Allows users to report missing pets, and missing pet sightings.

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