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VAC Programs for Seniors!

At VineyardAppCamp, we believe that being an active, agile learners isn't just for  kids. It's for everyone! 


Alongside our school programs, we run an assisted-living program where VineyardAppCamp instructors -- in-person or online -- introduce seniors to the joys of technology and coding. As part of this offering we offer two courses: one where seniors build and maintain social media presences, which helps them connect with their grandkids, and another where they build simple apps that can be used by their community.


By learning how to use technology in creative ways, seniors increase build new connections and a new outlook. At the same time they feel the deep satisfaction that comes from doing any sustained, creative work. Our app building process helps seniors build community with their peers and family, strengthen mental agility, and build a library of personalized technology for their assisted living facility. 

Plus, they get to brag to their grandkids!


Teaching Philosophy ("I come from a generation where we changed the world")

We care about how we teach just as much as what we’re teaching. At VAC, we take time to choose instructors who are engaging, experienced, fun, and mindful of what it takes to inspire seniors. Our instructors create a low pressure, discussion focused environment similar to a book club.




Our Curriculum

Our elder curriculum is a modified version of our coding and entrepreneurship curriculum, designed to address the mental and emotional needs of seniors. Our driving principle is that every session, participants learn a little about technology, and then put what they learned into practice, while creating something tangible with their peers, For example, in their first session, our seniors build a website together. 

Sample activities:

  • Learn basics of HTML, mobile app structure, database and React Native

  • Use Javascript and programming logic to build an interactive iOS app from start to finish

  • Practice prototyping and design thinking principles with engaging activities


COVID Precautions

During COVID, our programs have moved entirely online

  • We provide online instruction.

  • Guidance on joining the class

  • Support for students and assisted-living facilities in implementing the class

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