The only place where your kid will learn to code and develop graphic design skills while generating a social impact.

Coding and Digital Design classes online. Let your kid build apps and design ads even before they’re old enough to drive. 

Why VAC?

Tech entrepreneurship empowers 21st-century students

Young minds have taken charge of shaping the world, and your child deserves a front row seat! Whether it's developing technical skills, stimulating design thinking, or working collaboratively to accomplish goals, VineyardAppCamp has got you covered. 

Creativity and imaginative skills are at an all time high during adolescence. VineyardAppCamp ensures in-depth training and proper coaching to encourage the development of these capable young minds. Tapping into your child's potential to change the world, begins here. 

Over 50 Non-Profits Served

Students will learn to code in Javascript and HTML or get trained in modern Graphic Design. As part of a product team, they will improve their social skills and learn the nuances of the coding and design worlds. At a young age, they will begin to identify their skills and develop their resumes.

By working for a nonprofit or small business, your child will be able to measure their impact and realize their potential. With such soaring confidence, they will learn how to tackle real-world problems and survive effortlessly in an increasingly competitive world. 

See 5th graders work with the

CEO of a non profit to build an app.

There is more to being an entrepreneur than simply developing technical skills. Using those skills to bring about relevant change is what this world needs right now. At VineyardAppCamp, it is our mission to make sure your child knows the importance of using technology to better lives, so that they will grow up to be visionaries who bring about social change.

Register your kid in the top tech and entrepreneurship program.


Vineyard App Camp

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